In Kobe, Japan.
We grow completely organic leafy vegetables such as lettuce and herbs.

Kato City is a located on the east side of the Harima region in the center of Hyogo prefecture. This quiet and beautiful area is surrounded by rich mountains and rivers, enjoys the gentle climate of the Seto Inland Sea with little exposure to typhoons and snowfall.
“Kigokoro Farm” is a food production company developed by Hirao Komuten which has 100 years of history in this location and produces safe and reliable food through hydroponics.
Leafy vegetables like lettuce and herbs are cultivated in a clean room facility using solar power developed internally and based on thorough hygiene management. We deliver a great number of vegetables in stable quantities and quality to the family table and restaurant kitchens, with unique cultivation techniques and production control know-how we can provide for the various needs of our customers.

“Kigokoro Farm” hydroponics guarantees high quality based first on temperature, humidity, and light exposure, as well as nutrients and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. By using indoor hydroponics facilities we are constantly able to preserve the best conditions to cultivate vegetables. We cultivate wholly organic vegetables without the use of agricultural chemicals as hydroponics do not use soil, protecting vegetables from the influence of microbes and the clean room preserves a pure environment separate from the outdoors.

Features of Hydroponics

  • Safe and Reliable Vegetables

    Indoor hydroponics with a thoroughly controlled clean room use zero agricultural chemicals making it “completely organic”. Optimal temperature, humidity, and light exposure, as well as nutrients and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is adjusted according to vegetable type to create the best environment for cultivation.

  • Stable Quality and Quantity

    Hydroponics is a thoroughly controlled environment that along with “safe and reliable”, also guarantees stable taste and nutrients not affected by the season or weather. As we have control over plant maturity, from harvesting to shipping, we provide the required quantity on schedule with all vegetables in optimum condition.

  • The Power of Fresh Vegetables

    Due to hydroponics, “vegetables grown at Kigokoro Farm” can be shipped in their best condition delivering the power of fresh vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, and detoxifying enzymes right to your table. The long lasting freshness gives double satisfaction and being completely organic, our vegetables can be eaten as is.

Stable quality and quantity are guaranteed regardless of the season.

We at "Kigokoro Farm" do not think that vegetables are best cultivated with "hydroponics". We believe that fresh vegetables grown from mother earth and bathed in sunlight are the best of the best.If we believe that, then why “hydroponics”?
First, this cultivation method supports the realization of "safe and reliable vegetables", as mentioned above. An additional appeal is being able to control the environment to prevent the changing seasons from affecting components of the produce. This allows us stability to cultivate highly nutritional vegetables throughout the year. The taste of the seasons can be enjoyed year round by controlling the “maturity level” of produce with a recipe of temperature, nutrients, and water given to the crops. Since weather has no influence on the nutritional components during cultivation, we are able to harvest the amount needed on the scheduled day.
In a normal environment there is a limited number of times certain crops can be cultivated within a year, however with indoor hydroponics these kinds of crops can be challenged over and over and should make better quality and give higher value to vegetable cultivation. Currently we are in the prototype and trial production phase.

Company Summary

Name Kigokoro Farm
Company Name Hirao Komuten K.K., Agricultural Division
Established April 1, 1912
Company Founded May 1, 1968
Address ■Headquarters
341 Tenjin, Kato-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN 673-1311

■Kigokoro Farm
951 Tenjin, Kato-shi, Hyogo, JAPAN 673-1311
Contact TEL.+81-795-20-7272 / FAX. +81-795-20-7272
Areas of Business General Construction, Real Estate, Hydroponic Business
Capital Stock 40,000,000 yen
Representative Hiroyuki Hirao






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